The Canadian Delusion Calculator primarily uses data from Statistics Canada, the statistics branch of the Canadian government. The majority of this information is derived from their 2021 population census. The main exception to this is the sexual partner data as outlined in its section below.


The results of this calculator are estimates based on broad statistics about the population of Canada, and while reliable, should be considered more of a general guide to how likely someone exists rather than a hard value. Additionally the correlation between factors cannot always be accounted for, for instance, if 50% of a population is obese and 50% of the population regularly eats junk food, mathematically we could say that 25% of the population likely does both, however in reality because the two factors are related the number is likely higher. While I have taken as many steps as I can to account for these kinds of situations it is not always possible. Again meaning that the results of the calculator are estimates, not definitive values.

Exclude Married

Includes both married and common law partnerships, encompassing anyone in a long term relationship.


Below are listed the ethnic locations if you want to know more about what is meant by a specific ethnicity. Additionally please note that the Ethnicity field is exclusionary, that is, if you de-select a value it will remove all people who are in any part of that ethnicity. This is important as people may have listed multiple ethnicities (ie 50% African and 50% Asian) and they will be removed if you deselect either African or Asian and double counted/removed if you deselect both. For this reason, it is good to consider any reductions in probability from the Ethnicity field to be an overestimate of the actual ethnic population being removed.

North American



Latin, Central and South American




Maximum Number of Sexual Partners

Clear data on the number of sexual partners is difficult to come by, however, because this is a delusion calculator for both men and women I felt it was important to at least get a rough estimate of sexual partners as without it the only metrics would be things such as income level that are generally valued quite highly by women, but not men. With that in mind, the stats on sexual partners comes from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and is a broad average of middle-aged people in the United States. This data has been added with the understanding that the cultures of the USA and Canada are very similar and while there may be minor variances in sexuality the trends are not likely to differ significantly. Again this is a broad average for middle age people from the USA and so should only be considered a vague estimate of what the situation may look like in Canada. This data can be omitted from consideration by selecting "All" on the previous sexual partners slider.