I love seeing happy relationships and want to promote more of that within our society but have noticed some issues stopping them from flourishing. With the rapid rise in technology, influencers, and large movement to things like dating apps there arise some problems. Women generally have higher standards then men but it hasn't historically been a significant issue, as wanting the best partner within a smaller group of people or town generally works out. However when you interconnect everything and these standards shift to not just wanting the best partner locally but the best possible partner on a more global scale, say the best partner within your state/province, then issues arise. If all women want an extremely small percentage of men then only a very small percentage of women will ever actually reach that goal and the rest will end up either

  • Getting passed around and used by men, thinking they have a chance at actually having a committed relationship with one of them when in actuality, all they are viewed as is an easy source of sex to be expended and thrown away
  • or
  • Falling for the classic too good to be true situation, where a guy with more psychopathic tendencies will set himself up as being very successful and present themself as being very kind and incredibly charming, when in reality it is all a facade. This is quite effective (Here is one of many studies touching on this concept) and they can do this if the women they target believe that
    • There is a large number of men out there who meet the incredibly high standards these men seem to display
    • and
    • That they themselves are in fact within that same desirability bracket as what the man displays and someone like that would choose them over all the other options they would have if they were truly as wonderful as they claimed.

I see more and more women getting hurt by this and so desire to help by revealing what is reasonable in a relationship. I hope that armed with this information women will be able to better discern which potential partners are actually reasonable options, thus avoiding many of the common pitfalls women often find themselves in, and having more fulfilling and beneficial relationships as a result.

If you were not aware there is a United States counterpart to this site made by someone else called The Female Delusion Calculator (if you live in the USA you should check that one out as well) that was the inspiration for this project. I loved the idea of trying to help people by providing actual data/information to combat the onslaught of influencers and companies trying to peddle misinformation and unrealistic standards. I had a few issues with the implementation, such as it only providing a percentage of the population but not the number of people who met the criteria so I decided to make my own, for Canadians. I also made it more general allowing both men and women to see how their expectations stack up. While men don't generally have the same problems stemming from unrealistic expectations that many women do I saw no reason to make this site exclusively for women.